With the Helios cross-platform framework from MX, AFCU’s mobile app shot from a D to an A+ in appbot ratings, and the app is showing a 4.5+ star rating in both the Apple and Android app stores — up from an average rating of 2.5 with the prior version. 

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This case study gives the details of how it happened. 

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When it comes to their mobile offering, America First Credit Union (AFCU) has one primary goal in mind: Delight their members.

This goal is why the Helios cross-platform framework from MX caught the attention of Brice Mindrum, Mobile Services Manager at AFCU. He’d been drawn to way Helios would give AFCU the ability to quickly port their app to many platforms.

From a certain perspective, offering an app based on this framework was a bold move. AFCU had been using a waterfall development approach, where programmers would make a long laundry list of changes over months and possibly years before implementing them. MX, on the other hand, uses an agile approach, releasing updates within weeks.

And yet this risk paid off.

With the Helios cross-platform framework, AFCU’s mobile app shot from a D to an A+ in appbot ratings, and the app is showing a 4.5+ star rating in both the Apple and Android app stores — up from an average rating of 2.5 with the prior version.

“Our previous app had some good reviews, no question,” Mindrum said. “But as a whole our members were merely satisfied — not delighted. Now our members are almost uniformly pleased with the experience, and we’re quickly working to make it even better.”

In addition, MX is able to quickly respond to complaints and publish new versions of the app. “Going forward we’re going to appreciate the agile development that MX provides,” Mindrum said. “It’s a vastly better way than the huge, monolithic upgrades we were doing before.”

Mindrum added, “We were essentially cruising along on a nice cruiseship that worked, and we jumped overboard and got on a yacht. We can now move quickly and cater to the needs of members in a personalized way. The safe decision was to stay on the cruiseship. But that wasn’t the decision that would delight our members.”

Finally, AFCU has also been pleased with the people at MX. “From a development and knowledge standpoint, you won’t find anyone above what the MX engineering team has to offer,” Mindrum said. “The integration process has been fantastic, and the team has been ready to help along the way.”

Altogether, the Helios cross-platform framework has enabled AFCU to delight their members, thereby reaching their primary goal for their mobile offering.

Here is some of the feedback AFCU has received from end users:

Before the update the app looked old and dated. After the update it looks great! And I love the touchID!


This app is unparalleled. I love how this app is intuitive and easy to use. Not only can I view all of my accounts in one place, I can easily consume my data within minutes. I also spend less time organizing my spending data, due to the amazing categorization engine that powers this app, and more time on being strategic with my budget.


Awesome new design 🔥🔥


Best update possible. Now has everything I'm looking for in a banking app and more!

This is everything a banking app should be.

This new app is awesome. Love how I can integrate multiple accounts from multiple sources and have all the info at my fingertips.


I love this credit union!


Love the new budget tool!

More about AFCU

As the largest credit union in the state of Utah, America First boasts a long-standing history and 78 years servicing members and has become one of the largest, most stable and most progressive credit unions in the country while remaining a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative financial institution. Today, America First has 123 locations and is the 11th largest credit union in assets in the United States with more than $8.8 billion and the sixth largest credit union in membership in America with more than 846,000 members.