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Driving Digital Engagement

ATB Empowers Financial Wellness with MX Solutions

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With $58.3 billion in assets, ATB Financial is a leading financial institution that started in Alberta with the focus of putting people first. Its success comes from its more than 5,000 team members who love to deliver exceptional experiences to over 800,000 clients across both Personal and Business Banking, ATB Wealth Management, and ATB Capital Markets businesses.

The Challenge

ATB Financial wanted to widen its lead on the competition and find a solution that fit its campaign of “using banking to create happiness.” After searching through a range of possible options, it landed on the idea of integrating a digital money management solution within its online banking portal.

“We really wanted a platform to drive engagement with our customers,” said Dylan Roth, Director of Data Science Innovation at ATB Financial. “We didnt want a platform that told people what they had done with some ugly charts and budgets that no one would use. We were really interested in creating a platform where our customers can not only better understand their finances and whats going on, but allow them to take action in the moment to improve their finances.”

The Solution

When the team at ATB saw what MX had to offer and how it could be integrated directly into the digital banking experience, it decided to act. “MX had a much better look and feel on user experience than the other players,” Roth said.

The team at ATB also liked what the user experience meant for its long-term revenue goals. Rita Sly, Managing Director of Channels at ATB Financial, explained how the concepts of PFM and account aggregation had a clear link to future wins. She said, “If you have the better, easier, more efficient online experience, offering an integrated

view of all bank accounts and credit cards, well, that starts to make you my primary bank regardless of what products I may hold with other institutions. Next time I need a new product, Ill have more interactions and exposure with you, which means more opportunity to gain my future business.”

Roth added that “MX is a lot more visionary and cutting edge than the competitors. That vision really aligned with what we wanted to do. We wanted PFM to be a platform where we really drove that engagement and had some big ambitions of how we were going to connect with customers and you guys did too. And that was proven out not only through conversations with MX senior executives but also in how quickly they were advancing their product.”

From the point of view of innovation and customer satisfaction, MX really gets it. Theyre consistent in their organization from the top down in what they’re trying to achieve, which is really refreshing.

Dylan Roth

Director of Data Science Innovation at ATB Financial


Going Forward

ATB recognizes that partnering with innovative fintech companies is the best way to leap to the future. Its also the best way to counter the tradition of risk-aversion in banking. “Because banking is such a traditional industry, the risk is that you think youre safe,” Rita Sly said. “You think youre insulated and that you can make small, incremental improvements and thats going to be successful long term.” Sly says that being too risk averse is a sure-fire way to fall behind in the digital age. Account holders expect the user experience to keep pace with (or even get ahead of) the other apps they use daily.

Going forward, the ATB and MX vision will continue to merge. “One of our big goals is customer happiness, which aligns well with the MX position on consumer advocacy,” Roth said. “We feel really strongly that we want to provide tools to customers to help improve their finances. We see MX as part of the overall solution, and as MX breaks new ground we will be leading the charge together. As that happens, I see a really bright future.”

Were here to make banking better for people and make their lives richer, and this was the tool we needed in order to do that.

Rita Sly

Managing Director of Channels at ATB Financial

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MX simplifies personal financial management (PFM) for consumers from connecting all of their accounts in one place, to best-in-class digital money management capabilities, to proactive, personalized financial insights.

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MXs account aggregation solutions enable consumers to easily connect and view all of their financial accounts in one place — and give financial providers full visibility into consumer financial data to better meet their needs.

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