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Data Enhancement and Aggregation


Borrowell is a credit education company that offers free credit scores, education, and weekly credit monitoring. It also provides innovative digital tools like AI-powered credit coaching and personalized financial product recommendations to help make financial stability possible for everyone.

The Challenge

To maintain a healthy credit score, paying your bills on time is extremely important. Even a single missed bill payment can have a big affect on your credit score. Late or missed bill payments are one of the leading factors impacting credit scores, determining 35% of an Equifax credit score.

The Solution

Borrowell launched a new tool called Boost that uses MX Data Aggregation and Data Enhancement to analyze a user’s expense history to forecast upcoming bills, send low balance alerts, and predict cash flow. This tool helps Canadians stay on top of their finances and protect their credit scores.

By choosing MX, we’re choosing data-driven innovation to help more Canadians pay their bills on time, which in turn will help them build good credit and strengthen their financial health.

Andrew Graham

Co-founder and CEO

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