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Financial Wellness

Goalry Helping People Improve their Lives through their Financial Goals

Goalry is a fintech platform and virtual “goal mall”. Similar to a regular mall, it provides a single location to access and shop for different solutions that help people reach their financial goals.

The Challenge

Goalry needed a robust data platform that could power its one-stop-shop solution. The fintech company was looking for a partner that would help it go to market quickly, continue to innovate on its product offering, and improve its customers’ experience.

The Solution

Goalry uses MX’s aggregation capabilities and money management tools to provide its customers with a unified money experience. Members are given a single Member Key that grants them access to unlock various financial service “stores”. When a financial account is added in one store, it is also instantly available to the member at any other store in the mall. By allowing customers to connect all of their financial data in one place, Goalry is enabling its customers to improve their efforts to increase their savings, retirement, and pay off debts.

At Goalry, we want to make managing financial goals as easy as navigating a mall. MX’s cleansed data and money management tools are helping us simplify a complex financial system for our customers.

Ethan Taub

Founder and CEO

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