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Data Enhancement

I Hate Receipts

I Hate Receipts (IHR) was founded in 2020 to simplify the process of organizing receipts, empowering consumers with their purchase data and engaging merchants past the point of sale. The product is relatively simple: Users can snap a picture or utilize one-touch upload to add their receipts to the IHR vault. Then they can tag their receipts with customized categories, adding notes to organize those receipts. They can then share receipts with friends or export them as PDF files to speed up expense reporting or reimbursements.

The Challenge

I Hate Receipts needed a platform that could leverage cleansed transactional data to prompt users to upload images of scanned itemized receipts to the IHR mobile app.

The Solution

With MX, users can connect their accounts through the Connect widget, and when MX detects a new transaction without a receipt, they’ll prompt the user to upload the receipt. With MX, they’ll be able to get cleaner views into different parts of each receipt, such as category, item, payment method, purchase history, and merchant — data that can sometimes be hidden or indiscernible to users.

We want to focus on data completeness. We also believe we’ll get better retention in data quality through working with MX

Christopher Walton

CTO, I Hate Receipts

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