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Data Enhancement

Maps Credit Union Gives Members Improved Visibility with MX Data

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Maps Credit Union is headquartered in Salem, Oregon, and provides financial services to more than 75,000 members. The credit union is a forward-thinking financial institution that embraces new technology and aims to empower its members by giving them cutting-edge tools to help them improve their financial health.

The Challenge

Maps Credit Union embraces innovation and strives to be at the forefront of new tools and technologies that will help its members. The credit union was looking for a tool that would help improve the financial health and well-being of its members, while allowing Maps CU to control the user experience on the front end.

The Solution

Maps CU uses MX to run all of its transactions for every member through the MX platform, providing cleansed and categorized data in members’ accounts. The credit union also partners with MX to provide its members with personal finance tools that allow members to track spending, set budgets, and categorize expenses. By partnering with MX, Maps CU is using the power of technology and data to empower its members to improve their financial health.

I feel confident that we’re going to be in the 99th percentile in terms of digital banking capabilities, and that’s because of the support MX provides

Chris Giles

Chief Experience Officer, Maps Credit Union

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