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Instant Account Verifications


Moov Financial is a developer-first payments platform that allows platforms, marketplaces, and software companies to quickly embed payment functionality into its software to accept, store, and disburse money seamlessly.

The Challenge

Moov recognized that embedding banking and payment functionality into applications was a challenge for new fintechs and SaaS companies.

The Solution

Moov provides a complete turnkey solution for customers who are adding banking and payment functionality to their solutions. By using MX’s Instant Account Verification, it is providing faster, more secure and reliable account verification, and ultimately, a better money experience.

Every modern company is seeking a way to automate its process to accept, store, and disperse money. Developers want the best user experience possible for their application. MX’s ability to provide fast IAV makes the payment experience swift and more seamless than it would have been without the joint solution.

Wade Arnold


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