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Modern Connectivity


OrbisPay is a financial wellness platform that provides employees with on-demand access to their earnings. OrbisPay is an alternative to predatory lending such as payday loans and offers payday advances by giving workers daily access to their wages as they earn them.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic left many Americans jobless or earning less than before, with an urgent need to access their funds for emergencies. Many workers had to wait until payday to meet basic needs for themselves and their families, increasing their anxiety and stress in the midst of a world-wide health emergency. OrbisPay wanted to help ease the financial stress for American workers and increase their financial well-being for emergency needs such as this.

The Solution

OrbisPay uses MX’s industry-leading modern connections to enable its customers to quickly connect their accounts to the OrbisPay platform so they can access their hard-earned wages as they earn them. Additionally they use MX’s MoneyMap, Pulse, and FinStrong products to provide their customers with personalized financial insights and coaching to help them better manage their financial lives and become financially independent in the face of unforeseen market events.

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