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Account Aggregation and Mobile Banking

Viva First

Viva First is a Texas-based digital bank startup. Using a Spanish-first approach and a technology platform designed to cater to Latino preferences, it offers the first free bank account and Visa® debit card made to help improve the financial well-being of the Latino community.

The Challenge

Because of several cultural, behavioral, and trust barriers, the Latino community has a lower adoption rate for financial services like checking and savings accounts.

The Solution

Using MX, Viva First will provide its customers with a digital banking experience that enables them to gather all of their financial data in one place and manage their money through a mobile app. Leveraging the power of MX’s clean, categorized data and machine learning, it provides customers with self-guided, personalized financial advice to their smartphones, in Spanish, to build financial wellness and independence.

"Our No. 1 goal is to build financial wellness within the Latino community; we needed a partner who could help us build a powerful, customized mobile experience—taking our users from having few tools to having an entire tool kit at their disposal."

Jim SimpsonCo-founder

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