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Losing Access to Big Bank Data?

If you’re using customer credentials to access financial data, you’ll soon need another option.

MX makes it easy

Get connected and start accessing account data in minutes with our financial data API. Gain access to 16,000 financial institutions with a solution that helps you make the most out of your customers financial data with clean and enhanced transactions.

Your customers need to trust that their data is secure.

MX is leading the industry by offering tokenized access to users' financial data. Passwords are never shared with a third party, and password changes do not create downtime or re-authentication. Users manage how their data is shared and enjoy faster connections and high connection success rates.

Don't Break the user experience

MX is the industry leader in connectivity and reliability when it comes to accessing customers account information.

Redundant Access

Multi-sourced aggregation ensures that users always have the most reliable account information despite a broken connection. Access virtually every financial institution in North America via 48,000 connections.

Enhanced Transactions

Industry-leading cleansing and categorizing technology is applied to all users transactions. Access up to 24 months of clean and enhanced transaction data.

Account Verification

Validate external accounts by providing account verification -- instantly. Speed up the onboarding process with access to account balances, assets, and liabilities.

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What makes MX different?

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MX is your partner for the tools you need to create exceptional experiences for your users. We partner with the leading FinTechs and financial institutions in North America to provide more than 30 million users access to the technology they want.

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