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Personal Financial Management Done Right

Personal Financial Management Done Right


Give consumers the financial wellness tools they need and want — while driving increased engagement, deposits, and satisfaction.

Intuit’s plans to shut down Mint, one of the original and most popular personal financial management (PFM) apps, on January 1, 2024, presents a huge opportunity for financial institutions and fintechs. 

Today’s dedicated Mint users make up a small portion of PFM super users — while a majority of consumers want to improve their finances and make better decisions with their money, but don't want to do the work. Or, at the very least, most consumers don’t want yet another app to manage their finances. 

MX research shows 45% of consumers only check their finances through their financial accounts when asked how they currently track and manage their finances. And, nearly 1 in 10 say they don’t track their finances at all. 

So how can financial institutions and fintechs create engaging PFM tools to fill the void left by Mint — and reach even more consumers? Let MX show you what’s possible.

Key Benefits

Financial institutions and fintechs who leverage MX PFM and Insights see:

  • Higher Consumer Engagement: 50% increase in logins
  • Increased Account Aggregation: 20% of consumers aggregate external accounts
  • Stronger Financial Outcomes: 14% increase in savings balances
  • Higher Account Deposits: 15% higher deposit balances 


Future of Financial Empowermint

The Future of Financial Empower(mint)

See how MX helps deliver PFM tools that get results for both consumers and your business.

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WaFd Bank Case Study

Building a Customer-Centric Future

Read how WaFd Bank drove a 45% increase in deposit balances for consumers using MX tools.

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Mercantile Bank Case Study

Data-Driven Digital Innovation

Learn how MX Insights drove approximately 15% higher deposit balances for Mercantile Bank customers and new deposit account openings at twice the rate.

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Financial Wellness for the Masses

Financial Wellness for the Masses: Getting Personal Financial Management Right

Personal financial management tools can make a significant impact for the average consumer, and financial providers who get PFM right will win, serve, and retain consumers for the long-term.

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