Turn your marketing efforts into effortless execution

MX’s Marketing Hub allows you to use transactional data to create targeted offers faster and more easily, so you send the right message to the right person at the right time — every time.

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Build intuitive, data-based audiences

Send relevant offers that meet your customers’ needs

Track results and performance in real-time

How MX’s Marketing Hub can help you

How it benefits community banks and credit unions

Need more resources in your marketing department? Let the MX Marketing Hub do the heavy lifting, so you can create campaigns that compete with the best of the best.

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How it benefits large financial institutions

Already have a robust marketing program in place? Use the MX Marketing Hub to enhance your efforts and target the right audiences with the right offers.

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Do more. Manage less.

Spend more time doing what you enjoy and less time managing the process. Accomplish everything you need in one place with MX’s Marketing Hub: create segments, build and deliver campaigns, and track performance across every interaction.

Boost your marketing efforts.

Give your marketing strategy a lift with our platform’s robust capabilities. Whether you’re just starting out and need full marketing support, or whether you need a few features to help you home in on your existing efforts and initiatives — our platform accommodates both, helping you expand your reach.

Connect the dots.

Bring your data and marketing efforts together to create unrivaled customer experiences. Identify and execute on highly relevant targeted campaigns that reach your customers when they’re ready to purchase. MX’s Marketing Hub uses your data to help you create competitive products: loans, credit cards, and much more.

Increase loan growth

Internal and external account data helps you paint a clearer picture of who your customers are and, most importantly, what they need. This enables you to create more targeted products that resonate with them when they’re ready for a new offer.

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Stay in sync with what matters

Keep your marketing efforts relevant and timely by quickly adapting campaigns in real time to current events and customer needs.

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MX Marketing Hub

Customers are interacting with multiple financial institutions in various ways. They may have auto loans through the dealership, mortgages through their home builder, and credit cards from airlines. Oftentimes, they could be receiving lower rates with your organization. So why aren’t they choosing offers that could save them money? Simply put, they’re often unaware of better options.

MX’s Marketing Hub helps you get through to your customers with offers that are 100% relevant to them. When customers understand your offers will ultimately save them a specific amount of money every month, the barrier to switching is immediately lowered. Help improve your customers’ financial wellbeing and increase your share of wallet in one stroke.

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See how MX’s Marketing Hub can help you use your data more effectively to create personalized offers that convert at every touchpoint.

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