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MX Recognizes 2023 Innovator Award Winners

September 21, 2023|0 min read

Apiture, Discover, Emprise Bank, Voya, Archway, and WaFd Bank recognized as industry leaders for their innovations and commitment to improving consumer money experiences

LEHI, Utah – September 21, 2023 – MX Technologies, Inc., an industry leader in Open Finance,  announced this year’s winners of the MX Innovator Awards held annually at Money Experience Summit in Snowbird, Utah. The awards recognize fintech and financial institutions leading the industry in how they create more personalized, seamless, and secure money experiences for consumers.

The categories and winners of the 2023 MX Innovator Awards are:

Consumer Engagement Innovator: Emprise Bank. Awarded for innovative products and services that focus on empowering people to thrive, delivering personalized and relevant experiences, and driving consumer engagement

Experience Transformation Innovator: WaFd Bank and Archway Software. Honored for advancing and innovating digital money experiences for consumers by disrupting its own processes and digital experiences to drive new efficiencies, build trust, and increase engagement. 

Financial Wellness Innovator: Voya. Recognized for its aspirational vision and active work to build digital experiences that help individuals better manage their finances to build financial confidence and a more fulfilling life.

Innovation Partner of the Year: Apiture. Recognized for its ongoing commitment to iterative innovation and industry collaboration to drive better results for both businesses and consumers. 

Open Finance Innovator of the Year: Discover Financial Services. Honored for its strong commitment to open standards and secure access to financial data with best-in-class connectivity, API implementations, and data strategies that drive growth and reduce risk. 

“The MX Innovator Awards put financial providers that are moving the industry forward with innovative products and services in the spotlight,” said Nandita Gupta, Chief Product Officer at MX. “By combining the power of data and Open Finance, these organizations are delivering better, more personalized money experiences that help consumers get closer to achieving their financial goals in a secure environment.”

Winners were recognized at Money Experience Summit (MXS) 2023, taking place this week at Snowbird, Utah. MXS is the premier gathering of finance and fintech leaders, influencers, and builders. Over three days, the financial industry's top thought leaders and practitioners gather to share insights and discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of the financial industry. To learn more visit

About MX

MX Technologies, Inc., an industry leader in Open Finance, helps financial institutions, fintechs, and their consumers understand and do more with financial data. With MX, organizations can reliably connect and verify account and transaction data and surface insights to uncover revenue opportunities, better serve consumers, and grow their business. MX helps deliver personalized money experiences that improve consumer engagement and outcomes. To learn more follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @MX or visit


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