The MX Engineering team was featured in a detailed video presentation shown at the Gartner Catalyst 2018 conference -- explaining the uniqueness of MX's flat organizational structure in engineering. 

TechTarget Associate Site Editor Brian Holak wrote about that feature presentation in "A look inside MX's flat organizational structure," 31 Aug 2018, SearchCIO. 

Engineering Standup_05182018-1

Excerpt:"During the keynote [at the Gartner Catalyst 2018 conference in late summer], a lot of advice was given about how IT practitioners can drive cultural change by enabling a coll

aborative, interdependent internal ecosystem. One organization was highlighted by Gartner analysts for epitomizing that notion, with Gartner vice president and fellow Danny Brian saying the company’s internal culture is what “fuels their ability to digitally disrupt.” That company is MX ..."  

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