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Prioritization is the new innovation: 3 ways the financial industry can decide on digital initiatives

September 7, 2021|0 min read
Banking Dive
Originally Published on September 07, 2021
The industry is at an inflection point: financial data has become the center of every experience. As financial institutions and organizations aim to evolve from intermediaries to advocates — by adapting strategies based on the evolving digital ecosystem and adopting new technologies — it’s important to know what to prioritize. For all industries, focusing on too many initiatives at once ties up your resources and slows down innovation. How successfully you compete in the marketplace will depend on how well you can focus and invest in the areas that will make the biggest impact where it matters most. Simply put, prioritization is the new innovation.
“By understanding how your audience interacts with your business, you can understand better which areas to prioritize to create the most frictionless experience possible. ”


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