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Interview with Ryan Caldwell and Brandon Dewitt at MX

By Jim Marous

May 19, 2020

Jim Marous sat down with MX CEO Ryan Caldwell and CTO Brandon Dewitt to discuss how financial institutions can use data and advanced analytics to become true advocates for their customers.

One of the things that you find in Ryan and myself and so many others at MX is we have a very engineering mindset. Ryan has spent a lot of his career being an engineer. I’ve spent most of my career being an engineer. Often ‘passion’ is used as a proxy for ‘emotion.’ And so people say, ‘You must not be data-driven because you’re passionate.’ But really, at the center of it, we have this amazing engineering mindset about how do you bring together data? How do you measure things? How do you put metrics around things. And then how do you add semantic value to things? -- Brandon Dewitt

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