breaking banks apr 2020

In honor of Earth Day, Breaking Banks host Jason Henrichs explores climate risk and the potential for disruption to financial structures. His second interview of the episode is with Andre Cherney, Co-founder and CEO of digital bank Aspiration, onsite at the MX Fintech Festival in Sundance, Utah, Feb. 26-28.

As part of its “Banking on a Sustainable Future” episode, Andre discusses the importance of banking for a better earth, and the great strides Aspiration has made on the frontlines for a sustainable future.

Many people are making those decisions -- whether it’s in the grocery store, or what kind of straw they’re going to drink out of -- but part of what we as a larger community have to do is help people understand the connection between their decisions when it comes to banking, and how that has ramifications on all the other issues they care about. - Andrew Cherney, CEO of Aspiration

Listen to the full podcast here.