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Embracing Change | Brian Kinion, CFO, MX

January 31, 2022 | 0 min read

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Jack Sweeney
Host of CFO Thought Leader
Brian Kinion
MX Chief Financial Officer

CFO Thought Leader


Twenty-four hours after Brian Kinion’s first earnings call as the CFO of a publicly traded firm, things changed as Vista Equity Partners made clear its intent to buy the company, a developer of marketing automation software known as Marketo. Hear more about his career journey.

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“Hire a strong, diverse team with experts in various areas. Scale your organization through process and systems and eliminate the manual work that leads to errors. Understand the core metrics/drivers of your organization and be able to communicate them effectively inside and outside your organization. Be forward-looking and embrace change. ”
- Brian Kinion, MX CFO
Run Time: 41:56 minutes

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