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CodeChangers, the STEM summer camp hosted by MX, starts today!

August 7, 2018|0 min read

As part of our ongoing effort to cater to the well being of our MX families, while continuing to cultivate the growth of STEM in our community, MX is excited to announce it is hosting the four-day (Aug. 7 to 10) CodeChangers STEM Summer camp, starting today!

For kids ages 8 to 18, the Utah-based CodeChangers organization provides a 'unique technology education experience with an on-line, self-paced program that is easy to use and carefully mixed with hands-on activities designed to help inspire creativity and connection to real-world projects. MX is hosting the camp this week on the first floor of our offices at 3401 N. Thanksgiving Way in Lehi.

Focused on web development, computer programming, tech entrepreneurship, soldering, embedded programming, computer literacy, and more, CodeChangers' activities including allowing the kids to create their own robots, coded games, videography -- and make new friends in the process.

Groups are organized by age, and the daily schedule includes a healthy balance of screen time and hands on learning. The camp is led by a professional staff of 7:1 student to teacher ratio, all interests and skill levels are welcome, and participating kids will have continued access to online content made available at the camp. Check out more on the camphere.  

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