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Engineering at MX earns Gartner praise

August 29, 2018|0 min read

Chief Technology Officer Brandon Dewitt and the MX Engineering team were highlighted in a video shown at the recent Gartner Catalyst conference -- a result of Gartner VP of Research Danny Brian coming to MX in May to document the uniqueness of MX Engineering. TechTarget's online publication reported on the conference, and the spotlight of MX:


'So where should you start when trying to enable internal, digital ecosystems? Brandon Dewitt, co-founder and CTO at MX, had this to say in a video that aired during the Gartner Catalyst 2018 keynote: 'Start with philosophy -- [figure out] how you work with one another, not for another. We can redefine the vocabulary that we use to interact with one another.'

'In redefining the vocabulary of work, Dewitt and the Gartner analysts on stage suggested looking at terms like 'deliverables,' 'action items,' 'timeline,' 'metrics' and 'funding' -- and dropping them from regular use. Terms like these are binding rather than freeing, analysts said.

''When I begin to change my vocabulary, to an extent, I also begin to change my behavior as well, which then changes the culture,' Gartner research vice president Kirk Knoernschild said.

'It won't be easy, given that these traditional terms and philosophies are so embedded in many companies' culture, which is why Brian said making these changes 'will take some courage,' even if it may seem like you're overstepping your bounds.'


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