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Scratching the Surface of Open Finance

September 18, 2022 | 0 min read

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Greg Palmer
Host of the Finovate Podcast
Nicky Klein
VP of Open Finance, MX

Finovate Podcast


Greg Palmer, host of The Finovate Podcast, speaks with Nicole Klein, VP of Open Finance at MX Technologies, Inc. about the ever-evolving world of open banking. Financial institutions and fintechs are looking to Open Banking, and more broadly — Open Finance, to drive new value for both consumers and businesses. While Open Banking is focused on sharing banking data, Open Finance extends the scope to all financial data.

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“Open Finance delivers better consumer experiences while providing options to your consumers to connect their various accounts into a single view. Open Finance begins with secure and reliable access for consumers to share their data with the financial apps and tools they choose to use.”
- Nicky Klein, VP of Open Finance, MX
Run Time: 13:44 minutes

Listen to the full podcast here:


Open Finance

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