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MX with David Whitcomb

September 20, 2022|0 min read
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Run Time: 27:37 minutes

Fintech Impact

Episode Details

Jason Pereira talks to David Whitcomb, VP of Product at MX. It is an aggregator of aggregators in that it provides tech companies & traditional finance companies with a way of accessing a common data format across multiple different data aggregation companies & kind of pulls into data from all includes above and spits it up.

Jason Pereira
Host of Fintech Impact
David Whitcomb
Vice President of Product, MX
“MX has created a ton of intelligence around grabbing different data models, specifically around the council transactions. Normalizing the transactions, adding content to it around categorization classification of what the transaction is so that when a user of MX product or service gets the output of that account transaction we have, we've normalized all of it and have an often typically enhanced it so that it's more readable and more usable for whatever is being built. ”
- David Whitcomb

Listen to the full podcast here:


DataAccount Aggregation
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