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KSL-TV: Loans Offer Incentive To Keep Small Business Workers Employed

April 8, 2020|0 min read

By Matt Rascon
April 7, 2020

“We looked at this and said, ‘how do we alleviate this problem? How do we actually get the applications processed more quickly?’” said Nate Gardner, chief customer officer at MX Technologies in Lehi. “How do we do it so we can help Americans back to work?”

The anticipated backlog of applications prompted MX to jump into the arena to help their bank and credit union clients to expedite processing all the loans. According to Gardner, MX’s new loan application portal helps reduce delays, so small businesses can get approved in seconds and funds can be distributed.

“Getting dollars into those businesses as quickly as possible is something we know that is incredibly important,” Gardner said. “This is just the right thing to do because it is a time and a space when a lot of people are hurting.”

Watch the 2-minute video or read the full story here.

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