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The MX Apple Watch App, Built on Helios

April 9, 2015|0 min read

Developed by MX in conjunction with our industry-leading digital banking partners, the Helios cross-platform framework enables financial institutions to release a banking app on any device — including Apple Watch.

Check out the video above to see the type of ad you might show your account holders when you release the app. This particular ad uses Epic Bank as an example.

Built on the Helios Framework


The Helios framework positions financial institutions to be ready for whatever device the future brings. Because the Helios framework employs a C++ application layer, our developers only need to write a light wrapper to take advantage of specific features for any device type. For example, to make Helios work with the FireTV, our developers coded a section in NDK (the language specific to that device), and then — just like that — the framework was compatible with the FireTV remote.

As Ryan Caldwell, CEO at MX, says in the video below: "It took longer for one of our engineers to drive to Best Buy to buy the Amazon Fire TV than it took him to have Helios installed on it."

What this means is that the Helios framework enables banks and credit unions to meet the demands of account holders who want their banking app to work on the devices they have. Apple, Android, Windows, Amazon — and whatever might be next. Financial institutions no longer have to worry about being caught flat-footed or waiting years to offer an app for a certain device type.

With the Helios cross-platform framework, banks and credit unions are at the cutting edge of digital banking.

Want to be ready for any device your account holders use? Click here to see Helios in action or contact your digital banking provider today.

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