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MX Attracts Recent CFO of the Year

February 15, 2015|0 min read

Proven financial executive brings powerful experience to fast-growing tech company

MX a financial technology provider that enables an omnichannel experience for its online banking, mobile banking and financial institution partners, announced new executive James Dotter, Utah Business’ 2013 CFO of the Year.

At MX, Dotter will serve as the chief financial officer focused on ensuring operational precision, ample resource availability and advancing innovation for customers and employees.   

As one of the top financial managers in Utah, Dotter adds tremendous value beyond his position as CFO to a company dedicated to digital money management. Dotter’s 16 years of management experience and financial expertise with industry-leading, billion-dollar technology companies make him an impressive accelerating force for MX.

“When it comes to guiding a highly successful startup through extreme accelerated growth toward a billion-dollar plus enterprise, Dotter is one of the few who has been there, done that. James is a proven financial expert who shares our intense ambition and has the critical knowledge and experience to deliver huge impact on the company as a whole,” said Ryan Caldwell, Founder and CEO of MX. “We are honored for Dotter to join our forward-thinking team and are most excited about how this will increase MX’s ability to deliver even more value for our partners and end-users.”

Previous to joining the MX team, Dotter managed finance and operations at, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the US. He led through five years of more than 100 percent revenue growth and a significant increase in company valuation. He also directed talent acquisition of more than 100 employees per quarter and raised more than $140 million in private equity financing, while building and maintaining strategic partnerships.

“The financial services industry is overdue for a massive digital disruption, and MX is at the epicenter, fundamentally revolutionizing the banking experience as we know it,” Dotter said. “MX has a rare combination of unparalleled ability to execute, passion for quality and mission to better millions of lives. This extremely talented team’s endeavor to change the world will be the industry’s highlight of this century. I have not seen a more compelling company and am privileged to join the team.”

About MX                                                                                                              

MX (formerly MoneyDesktop) is fundamentally changing how people interact with their money by enabling its partners to become true advocates for their customers. MX is redefining the way financial institutions connect with account holders by enabling its partners to deliver omnibanking technologies that create and support a true centralized, powerful and engaging omnichannel experience. As one of the fastest-growing financial technology providers, MX drives customer-centric banking relationships by offering a platform upon which online banking partners, mobile banking partners and financial institution partners can create and deliver a next generation banking application and customer experience. By doing so, MX positions banks and credit unions at the forefront of the digital banking revolution and as account holders’ primary financial institution. MX is headquartered in the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes and is currently partners with hundreds of financial institution partners and more than 30 mobile/online banking, core, and payment network partners.

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