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MX Brings Together Financial Industry Leaders for First Annual Digital Banking Week

September 10, 2019|0 min read

The financial industry’s premier online event will feature 24 speakers sharing actionable insights, industry trends, and best practices

SILICON SLOPES, UT – Sept. 10, 2019 – MX, the leading data platform for banks, credit unions, and fintechs, today announced the first annual Digital Banking Week will take place September 17-19, 2019. Digital Banking Week will bring together the financial industry’s foremost thought leaders for a three-day online event dedicated to transforming the future of banking and empowering the world to be financially strong. Banking, credit union, and fintech leaders from around the world will attend.

Featuring 24 speakers, the virtual event will provide banking and financial professionals with actionable insights and best practices to better compete in the digital economy. Speakers will discuss a variety of topics, including open banking, the impact of data in the digital age, global perspectives on the financial industry, and the importance of financial wellness.

“Digital Banking Week is the first of its kind and we are thrilled to bring together industry luminaries to discuss the future of banking and how, together, we can empower financial strength,” said Ryan Caldwell, founder and CEO of MX. “The financial industry is going through a massive shift. This three-day event will provide financial organizations the tools and resources they need to drive transformative change with their customers and partners.”

The virtual event is free and will be recorded and distributed on-demand afterward. Speakers include: Dan Ariely, Brett King, Theodora Lau, Jim Marous, Ryan Caldwell, Bradley Leimer, Ron Shevlin, Adrienne A. Harris, JD Schramm, Donna Wells, Dan Latimore, Emma Steeley, Neff Hudson, John Maxfield, Liz Wolverton, Andrew Yarrow, Peggy Mangot, Brandon Dewitt, Luke Williams, Howie Wu, Scarlett Sieber, Don MacDonald, and Jane Barratt.

For more information or to register for Digital Banking Week, visit:

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