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MX Wins BAI Innovation Showcase Award

October 15, 2015|0 min read

Attendees at BAI Retail Delivery 2015 selected MX as the BAI Innovation Showcase Award winner for its integrated mobile and online banking app.


Lehi, Utah-based MX was recognized by BAI Retail Delivery 2015 conference attendees in Las Vegas on Oct. 14 as the BAI Innovation Showcase Award winner, besting 20 other participating organizations.

The BAI Innovation Showcase highlights some of the most cutting-edge, innovative technologies and solutions in the retail banking industry. Each rapid-fire demonstration showcases inventive technologies and solutions for digital banking, business intelligence, big data, fraud detection and customer engagement. In this fast-changing market, there was one dominant theme during the showcase: real-time engagement.

“Focus should be on the exchange of value in real time and near free,” said moderator and financial writer Chris Skinner. “If you can see solutions for nearly nothing in real time, that’s where the future lies. That is what we need in banking.”

MX’s Helios & integrated mobile and online banking feature captures that sentiment well. Helios is a cross-platform framework that enables financial institutions to build a customized digital banking application deployable on any device – mobile, desktop or tablet – from any brand. MX says the flexible framework also allows partners to bring the best financial management and mobile/online banking features together in one app powered by a single source of native code that is optimized for each device.

Together with Helios, WideNet provides financial institutions an effective way to solicit new account holders. While a relationship with a financial institution usually starts when someone opens an account, MX says WideNet allows a relationship to start earlier.

“There is no future where banks will not have to offer customers a single place to easily see all their finances and get advocacy advice and guidance from the financial institutions they choose to call home,” said CEO Ryan Caldwell. “Financial institutions that get this, and execute on it today, will become the hub of their customers’ financial lives.”


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