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MX offers insight in Utah Business story 'Is College Worth the Money?'

September 20, 2019|0 min read

MX's EVP of People Operations Brandon Woolf and Director of Client Voice Erin Caldwell are quoted in the Utah Business story 'Is College Worth the Money? (A Cost-Benefit Analysis),' Sept. 16 by Editor-in-Chief Elle Griffin.


“At MX we’ve found some great candidates coming out of dev bootcamps as an alternative to four-year degrees,” says Brandon Woolf, executive vice president of People Operations. “They are hungry and striving to learn all the coding skills they can. While a bootcamp candidate typically won’t earn as much compensation out of the gates as a four-year computer science degree, the bootcamp certification does provide a foot in the door for a tech company that may need entry-level tech talent.”

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