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Developers set strong presence at FinovateFall

Oct 2, 2014 2:12:00 PM

Most presenters were pretty straightforward—two or three people running through scripts, demonstrating software by filling in blocks on web pages, all put up on screens for attendees to see. Many of these were effective simply because of the perceived quality and usefulness of each given product, as evidenced by the seven Best in Show winners.

In addition to Toopher, these were:

• AnchorID, for a new way to log into websites and apps by consolidating all usernames into one simple and secure step

• blooom, for a simple tool to fix mis-invested 401(k) allocations for individual clients.

• CrowdFlower, for a data enrichment platform to help data scientists, analysts, and engineers collect, clean, and label data to make it useful.

• Loyal3, for using social technologies to make investing in stocks and IPOs easy and affordable to everyone.

• MX/MoneyDesktop, for its Helios cross-platform digital banking app.

• NICE Systems, for a real-time authentication system based on a two-way audio/video connection between the customer and a remotely-located agent.

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Alyssa Call

Written by Alyssa Call

Media Strategist at MX. Alyssa currently directs the PR, social, and communications efforts at MX. If she’s not at the office, she’s riding her horse Princeton.

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