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MoneyDesktop Now MX, Company Launches Two New Products

Provo-based digital banking software firm MoneyDesktop is no longer Provo-based, nor called MoneyDesktop. The company has changed its name to MX. The change of location is coming in 2015, when MX moves to a new location in Lehi (currently under construction).

Taking a closer look at their new website, the name change coincides with MX offering two new products: Helios and Widenet. These products (and attendant name change) represent MX’s desire to market itself as more than just an enhancer of digital banking software.

“We built WideNet to disrupt the current mentality of how financial institutions acquire new account holders,” said Ryan Caldwell, Founder and CEO of MX. “Since WideNet allows financial institutions to offer a banking app to everyone in their region — even to potential account holders — it sets the stage for a financial institution to quickly establish market share.”

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