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MX: A look at the Five Time Best in Show winners

Last week we attended Finovate Fall in New York City, an event dedicated to showcasing the most innovative FinTech firms. Of the 70 presenters, there was a clear trend towards biometrics and loyalty programme products and services. Personally I was not surprised to see a substantial amount of offerings falling into these categories, given the current state of the financial services market.

While a number of presentations stood out, including NICE and Settle, there was one that really caught my eye (and the eyes of most other attendees, as it won its Fifth Best in Show). With a catchy strapline, “Banking without boundaries", MX (formerly known as Money Desktop), a Utah based start-up, “brings financial management and transactional banking features together in a single native cross-platform framework". Both the extensive PFM features and the sleek UI were the exact features that got my vote for Best in Show.

While there are a number of unique features, 5 key areas truly set MX apart from other solutions we have seen:

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