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MX Digital Banking Framework Disrupts the Banking Industry

At Fall Finovate 2014, MX/MoneyDesktop’s founder and CEO Ryan Caldwell presented Helios, the new cross-platform digital banking framework that is deployable on any device from any plan. At The New York Hilton Midtown, a record-setting crowd of 1500 attendees joined the conference to watch as 70 companies unveiled their latest and greatest financial technology. It might seem easy to create disruption in banking, an industry that has been around for decades but only recently started using technology. But technologists need to go further to create game-changing services and products. Caldwell’s framework is decisively disruptive in that it enables financial institutions, credit unions and other partners to code only once –and still deploy to every single platform.  It is not HTML5 but is a fully immersive native code that cuts 90% of development costs out of creating a real rich mobile tablet, phablet, desktop, laptop experiences.

He believes the banking industry never evolved in the modern age, and instead continues to follow several paradigms that are not optimal for a modern economy. He uses companies that grew up in the modern world as examples of how banking should be. “Take Google, they deliver things for users in a highly proactive anticipatory advocate-like attitude. I believe at the core they feel responsibility — almost a moral imperative — to deliver an incredible search experience for those users, and the world is fundamentally better as a result of that.” 

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