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Finovate NYC Draws Record Crowd: Onsite Reporting

For credit unions, the day’s most compelling offering was MX, a company better known as MoneyDesktop. At Finovate declared its new name, as well as debuting a new offering it claimed would mobilize personal financial management tools across multiple platforms (such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Amazon’s Fire) in a way that will give a user a coherent, seamless display as he or she navigates from platform to platform.

The tools, now rolling out, were developed in association with two credit unions: the $6.2 billion America First in Riverdale, Utah, and the $12.5 billion BECU in Tukwila, Wash. 

An MX innovation called WideNet, offered as an opt in to participating institutions, will allow non-members to download and use a version of the MX app. Built in will be much of the functionality of the full featured app, but the idea, MX said in its demo, is that it will serve as a promotion for the sponsoring financial institution and may also encourage users to open new accounts.

The real takeaway from the MX presentation was that PFM, which many had believed would be difficult to mobilize due to reduced screen real estate, can be brought to life on a small screen with the right, gaming influenced design.

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