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Lehi adds 350,000-square-feet with four major companies moving in

Lehi is adding over 350,000-square-feet of new office space, the equivalent of six White Houses. With more and more companies announcing headquarters and offices in Lehi, the area is quickly becoming a hotspot for technology.

So far this year four companies, NUVIWorkfrontAncestry and MX, have announced they will move their headquarters to Lehi and new restaurants and amenities are following suit.


Lehi was recently named the fifth fastest growing area in the nation by the U.S. Census Bureau. Situated between Provo and Salt Lake, Lehi has become prime real estate for companies to set up shop.

The trend for companies moving to Lehi is built on the ability to attract talent from all areas along the Wasatch Front, proximity to other technology companies and the ability for continued expansion.

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