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MX Ranked as the 20th Fastest Growing Company in Utah


Ryan Caldwell accepting the Fast 50 award.

MX is honored to be ranked as the 20th fastest growing company in Utah by Utah Business

Rankings were announced today for the annual Utah Business Fast 50 Award. This award highlights the top fifty fastest growing companies in Utah. Congrats to other winners, including the top five: Alliance Health, Crest Financial, Peak Financial Group, Brahma Group and Pluralsight!

When asked about what is most exciting about MX's potential, Ryan Caldwell, Founder and CEO of MX stated: 

Thank you to ALL our team! Thank you to ALL our team!

"The thing that excites me by far the most about MX is that with the team that we have and the market position, we don't see any plateau. We don't see a plateau three years out, five years out, ten years out and that I think is what's most exciting is that we see this growth ahead of us that doesn't seem to have an end to it anytime soon."

Watch the video interview with Ryan Caldwell: