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MX and HPF Partner To Bring Financial Wellness To Consumers

Partnership brings MX’s data-driven money management platform together with The Homeownership Preservation Foundation to empower individual financial strength

(SILICON SLOPES, Utah, March 3, 2016) – Today, approximately 7.5 million individuals owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth*. As American household debt numbers continue to rise, the need for consumers to regain control of their financial lives becomes even more critical. To answer the call, MX™ announces a new partnership with The Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) to provide BluePrint by HPF, a data-driven money management tool, integrated into their HPF Connect portal.

MX is driven by a vision of the future where finances are as they should be. Known as data-driven money management , the platform combines a world class user experience with the power of analytics that enable consumers to take control of their finances. BluePrint by HPF allows users to view all of their financial accounts in one place, accurately categorize transactions, automatically generate budgets, manage debt and cash flow, see net worth, and set financial goals.

“For the last decade, HPF has established itself as a trusted resource for more than 8 million distressed homeowners, bringing stability and assistance to individuals and families through critical financial education. We are thrilled to partner with an organization who resonates with our mission to provide and engage clients with the necessary tools for increased financial wellness,” said Ryan Caldwell, Founder & CEO of MX. “At MX we believe it is our moral imperative to drive individuals to engage with their finances in a way that makes them financially stronger. We are honored to partner with HPF to provide a tool that will positively impact hundreds of thousands of consumers by easing the burden of managing their personal finances.”

This partnership illustrates the combined dedication of MX and HPF to champion a mission of financial wellness advice by providing engaging technology to promote healthier financial behavior. HPF has navigated millions of homeowners through a difficult time in their financial lives and is uniquely positioned to provide support to those who are ready to experience homeownership again with both the Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline, 888-995-HOPE™ and now the Homeowner’s HOME™ Hotline, 844-995-HOME™.

“A key element to the success of homeownership is the ability to manage your finances,” says David Berenbaum, CEO of HPF. “We are dedicated to helping individuals seeking to realize the American dream of sustainable homeownership to understand and realize their financial goals. Our focus is on improving the overall lives of individuals and in the upcoming months we will be releasing tools through our HPFConnect portal that will empower consumers to take charge of their finances. HPF is dedicated to guiding consumers onto the path of sustainable homeownership and improving their overall financial health. Our partnership with MX moves us significantly closer to meeting this mission. We are happy to be the first nonprofit to bring this resource to consumers and equally happy to partner with an organization that has a common mission.”


The Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) is an independent national nonprofit dedicated to guiding consumers onto the path of sustainable homeownership and improving their overall financial health. Through its Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline, 888-995-HOPE™, HPF provides comprehensive financial education and confidential foreclosure prevention counseling for FREE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in over 170 languages. Through its Homeowner’s HOME™ Hotline, 844-995-HOME™, HPF provides comprehensive financial education and pre-purchase housing counseling. Since 2007, HPF has served more than five million distressed homeowners who depend upon them as a trusted, neutral source of information and assistance. For more information about the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, please visit www.homeownershippreservation.org.  


MX enables banks and credit unions to achieve record breaking growth by winning their competitor’s most profitable account holders.  As one of the fastest-growing fintech providers, MX drives customer-centric banking relationships by gathering and providing data upon which online and mobile banking partners and financial institutions can create and deliver next generation banking applications and solutions. 

Founded in 2010, MX delivers data aggregation, data cleansing, auto-categorization, classification, money management, custom API, data analytics, marketing, UI and more.  In addition, MX offers an extensive array of client services, ranging from training to custom marketing services.  MX currently partners with more than 550 financial institutions and more than 30 digital, online and mobile banking providers — designating MX as a proven powerhouse in the fintech space. Learn more at MX.com.