"We're all in on data analytics and that's the core of what we're trying to do. We continue to push every single day to get even further with the right relationships with third-party companies, like MX and FIS. With that kind of effort, we can create a similar understanding with our customers’ needs just as well as the larger banks." --Corey LeBlanc, chief technology officer and vice president at Origin Bank in Ruston, La., as quoted in American Banker, "Small banks need big data to maintain customer service edge," Aug. 21, 2018


LeBlanc continues:

"With MX Personal Finance, we just rolled out an ability to see not only Origin bank accounts, but also external bank accounts as well through our mobile app. So we can create a central hub for customers and limit the amount of time they have to spend in their various bank environments and still be able to control their finances in a healthy way." 

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