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Silicon Slopes TV (PODCAST): MX: Creating a Greater Money Experience - with Kimberly Cassady

June 24, 2022 | 0 min read

Silicon Slopes TV
Meat & Potatoes Podcast
MX: Creating a Greater Money Experience
By Garrett Clark
June 23, 2022

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Kimberly Cassady is the newly named Chief People Officer at MX – a company that helps individuals have access to their money across all financial institutions. Kimberly’s role as CPO focuses on education and awareness, especially around inclusion initiatives helping include those who are part of marginalized groups. Listen to learn how MX handles company changes as well as the initiatives MX uses, such as employee resource groups and celebrations for successes each week.

Q: How and who do you recruit?

When we look to recruit, we really want people tied to the mission of what MX is going to do for the financial economy and the world. Folks who are interested in that do not [necessarily] need to have a financial background ... We really say, "Come join us!" We'll teach you about this growing, emerging technology space.

Q: One of the under-represented groups we're talking about is folks with cognitive disabilities like dyslexia. What are your thoughts there?

As someone who has dyslexia, I can relate to what it's like. It's also an opportunity to educate others. Depending on the environment that you're in, yes it is a disability for the individual. In the right environment, it's an immense asset for the organization ... [and] you'll tap into something extraordinary. 

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Watch the full video podcast here.

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