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The future of data aggregation and the future of finance

March 14, 2019|0 min read
Originally Published on March 14, 2019
Over the past month, we've spent a lot of time writing and talking on data aggregation. It's not the world's sexiest topic, but it's one we've begun to appreciate. It's almost like the first stage of the internet. You needed to get machines and devices all connected and then open up broadband pipes to let information flow. The same is happening with data aggregation. Giving an individual access to his or her data sets the stage for providing new types of financial services, advice, and functionality. Data aggregation even impacts the definition of what a bank is and isn't going forward. Most of all, it places the individual at the center of the financial system — his or her personal financial ecosystem — to make more informed decisions and lower the stress that accompanies lack of full information about our finances. So, for the last episode, we're looking out toward the future. MX's co-founder and CTO Brandon Dewitt joins us to talk about where data aggregation started and where it's headed.
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