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Utah Business: Ryan Nelsen named to 2021 Sales & Marketers of the Year

January 22, 2021|0 min read

Utah Business
Meet our 2021 sales & marketers of the year
By Lindsay Bicknell
January 13, 2021

Ryan Nelsen, Vice President of Marketing at MX, was awarded a 2021 Sales & Marketer of the Year (SAMY) award by Utah Business.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring marketer? 

Get your foot in the door. Join the fastest growing company with the best product. When you’re starting out, choose the company over the title or position. Then go all in, be proactive, earn trust, and crush every opportunity you are given. As you become the most valuable employee for your boss, you will be given opportunities to become the most valuable employee at the company. --Ryan Nelsen, VP of Marketing, MX

Read the full article and list of winners here, or WATCH the 1-min. video of Ryan shown at the awards ceremony on Jan. 21, 2021:



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