Utah fintech MX is convincing financial institutions to do things differently

By Ryan Miller

June 24, 2020


  • MX was founded in 2010 on the heels of the 2008 recession ... Ten years later, amidst another economic crisis due to a global pandemic, its technology may be needed more than ever.
  • In the simplest form, [MX] provides data for banking apps. In a more complex one, it’s trying to change how banking is done.
  • “I really got to understand the reason why they do their business and what their principal concept or purpose or vision was,” [Corey LeBlanc, Chief Digital Officer at Origin Bank] said. “And it matched so much with what we wanted to do — to literally empower customers and people to be more financially healthy and strong.”
  • “We have 450 people who build that product with that amazing purpose, to give back to humanity" [said CFO James Dotter]

“We are taking the oldest industry in our economy and helping them migrate from being a financial intermediary to becoming a financial advocate,” -- James Dotter, CFO, MX

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