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ABA Banking Journal: ‘We Were Economic First Responders'

June 10, 2020|0 min read

ABA Banking Journal

‘We Were Economic First Responders’

By Evan Sparks

June 10, 2020


At Citizens Bank of Edmond, the team crashed on entering loans into E-Tran while funds were still available. When funds ran out, CBE worked all night to make disbursements. “We were economic first responders,” explains President and CEO Jill Castilla. “We had a duty to get the funds to our community and to get them to the businesses that needed it.”

Citizens Bank of Edmond, which is a founding member of the Alloy Labs Alliance—an ABA strategic partner—got a referral through Alloy for MX, which provided at no charge its open-source code to expeditiously get authorizations.

Read the full article here.

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