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New MX Research Shows 1 in 4 Consumers Want Financial Providers to Do More to Support Financial Needs

January 18, 2023|0 min read

75% of U.S consumers expect their financial provider to proactively alert them to financial-related issues 

LEHI, Utah – January 18, 2023MX, a leader in Open Finance, today released a new report on the features, functionality, and support that consumers want from their financial providers. MX’s latest survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers shows 1 in 4 consumers feel that financial providers don’t do enough to support their financial needs. This sentiment is even higher among Gen Z at nearly half (45%). In addition, 54% of consumers said it was likely they would seek a new financial provider if their current provider couldn’t deliver on their most wanted features. 

“Consumers want — and need — more personalized and proactive data-driven insights to help manage their finances and achieve better financial outcomes,” says Crystal Anderson, Vice President of Product at MX. “In today’s economic environment, consumers want a trusted partner that can do more than just provide account balances. Financial institutions and fintechs have an opportunity to take a bigger role in the lives of consumers.”

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Consumer expectations and money worries are higher than ever: Twenty-two percent of consumers are most worried about just paying for everyday necessities, while 33% are most worried about paying for unexpected expenses or emergencies. 
  • A need for financial education: Thirty-nine percent of consumers believe financial providers have a responsibility to teach them to be financially strong. Among Gen Z and Millennials, this jumps to 58% and 56%, respectively. 
  • Automated options and insights as a differentiator: When asked what features consumers most want for financial wellness, those that rose to the top most often included automated options to manage money and solutions that deliver proactive, predictive, or automated insights. 
  • Defining data ownership: Consumers overwhelmingly agree (89%) that they own their financial data and should be able to control who has access to it. While this is the case, 55% of consumers also agree that they are not sure what companies or providers have access to their financial data. 

The report also breaks down the top features that each generation most wants for better money management, security and control, and financial wellness. To access the full report, please visit

About MX

MX Technologies, Inc., a leader in Open Finance, makes data accessible and actionable for everyone. MX is building the largest open finance ecosystem to help drive innovation and improve experiences through secure and reliable access to financial data. MX combines trusted open finance APIs with enhanced financial data to quickly and securely connect to and verify data for hundreds of use cases including account opening, money movement, and underwriting. To learn more, visit

About the Survey 

The report was based on the results of a survey of nearly 1,000 American adults that was conducted by MX in November 2022 using an online survey platform. Results are representative across U.S. regions and ethnicities., as well as evenly split between genders.


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