Data Aggregation & Cleansing

Unmatched Account Connectivity

MX Aggregation offers patented connectivity systems and next-gen connections so you can offer your customers a seamless and easy path to all of their financial accounts — in the palm of their hand.

Dependable connections through industry-leading technology

MX Aggregation has 50,000 connections with 16,000 financial institutions. Our patented technology has backup connections on standby to reroute deficient connections, minimizing outages and increasing aggregation success.

Fast, secure, and credential-free

Our open banking connections replace credentials with tokens, bringing higher levels of security and connection success rates. With faster speeds than ever before and connections that can withstand password changes, your customers will be happy, and your data will never stop flowing.

Data to Power Nearly Any Money Experience

The other benefit to 50,000 connections? More fields, more relevant data. Through MX Aggregation, your organization can access:

  • Transactions
  • Investments
  • Account Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Balances
  • PDF Statements

Designed to Help Users Connect

The MX Connect Widget increases the number of accounts aggregated per user with a backend that increases aggregation rates, and a user interface that prompts users to connect more accounts.

Impactful financial experiences start with data

  • Consumer-Friendly Data

    Make transactional data digestible with industry-leading categorization coverage up to 98%, accuracy up to 95%, and metadata enhancement.

  • Innovative Experiences

    Quality data powers previously unattainable experiences. From machine learning to financial autopilot, MX data opens up doors to new money experiences.

  • Personalized Products

    With MX data, organizations can easily segment and understand financial data, provide relevant offerings, and build an informed competitive roadmap.

Bank Credentials In, Account Numbers (and Much More) Out

Reduce friction points to verify accounts, assets, and identity. Instead of asking your customers to hunt down their account and routing numbers or send you a PDF of their bank statement, simply have them enter their bank credentials and all that information will be delivered to you in seconds via an API connection.

Turn big data into actionable insights

Collecting big data turns organizations into market players, but translating that data into actionable insights builds market leaders. By pairing MX's Data Enhancement with Data Aggregation, your organization will have the tools necessary to become a market leader. With a 360-degree view of your customer's finances, your organization can turn data into actionable insights, gain a competitive edge over your competitors, and directly impact your bottom-line.


One transformational platform - endless applications

Use MX’s solutions independently or collectively to create exceptional customer experiences that power transformational growth.

Through data aggregation and enhancement, transform your raw data into engaging offerings. When partnered with MX’s personal financial management solutions your organization will provide valuable insights for your customers.

Give your customers the money experience they want.

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