data aggregation & Cleansing

A new perspective on your customers’ finances

Data Transformation means going beyond accessing competitive customer account data. At MX we’ve created a new approach to financial data aggregation by procuring and acting on user data no matter where they have chosen to hold their accounts.

Transformative insights at your fingertips

Customers today have complex financial lives. Their accounts are often spread over multiple financial institutions. Bringing all those accounts into a single platform not only transforms the way your customers view and interact with their data, but gives you insight into where they are storing their accounts and how to target them.

Vast coverage with industry
leading accuracy

As the largest provider of multi-sourced aggregation software, we aggregate from 16,000 financial institutions in North America and offer over 48,000 connections. Unlike other providers, our multi-sourced solution ensures that you always have the most reliable, real-time account information despite a broken connection. Give your customers a complete view of their finances alongside a world-class digital banking experience.

Transformational banking starts with data

With MX aggregation your customer data is…

  • Clear

    Transform transactional data with clean and enriched insights with categorization rates 30% higher than the closest competitor.

  • Transformative

    Transform your customers’ experiences by offering them the most complete view of their financial data in one place with over 48,000 connections.

  • Actionable

    Transform your growth strategy by gaining visibility into competitive opportunities and proactively engaging with customers.

Turn big data into actionable insights

Collecting big data turns organizations into market players, but translating that data into actionable insights builds market leaders. By pairing MX's Data Enhancement with Data Aggregation, your organization will have the tools necessary to become a market leader. With a 360-degree view of your customer's finances, your organization can turn data into actionable insights, gain a competitive edge over your competitors, and directly impact your bottom-line.

One transformational platform -
endless applications

Use MX’s solutions independently or collectively to create exceptional customer experiences that power transformational growth.

Through data aggregation and enhancement, transform your raw data into engaging offerings. When partnered with MX’s personal financial management solutions your organization will provide valuable insights for your customers.

Help your customers make sense of their data and empower them to live financially strong

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