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Cross-Platform Framework

Cross-Platform Framework

Today's account holders want to bank when, where, and how they want. Helios meets those needs by enabling a full-feature digital banking experience on any device or platform—tablet, desktop, and phone. Best of all, Helios is a native cross-platform framework, which means it's fast, stable, and device optimized.

Full-Feature Experience

Because it leverages our partnerships with digital banking providers the Helios framework combines financial management and transactional functionality in a single, cohesive experience.


Transactional Functionality

The Helios framework integrates with your current digital banking features such as RDC, P2P, bill pay, etc.


Financial Management

It also includes financial management features such as external account aggregation, auto-categorization, bubble budgets, and more.


The Advantages of Native Cross-Platform

  • Fast (Including load times and advanced visual effects)
  • Optimized for each device (e.g. can use FireTV remote)
  • Facilitates robust and scalable testing
  • Looks and feels native to the device (because it is)
  • Secure (data isn't stored in a browser)
  • Works online and offline

Truly Flexible

Since Helios is built on a flexible framework and integrates with your current mobile offerings, it can fit your specific needs and become exactly what you want it to be.


The Power of Helios

From bubble budgets to bill pay, money movement to expense tracking—your private-labeled app, built with the power of Helios can have it all.


"MX puts most consumer-facing financial institutions to shame when I think about how we engage with our customers."

Holly Mackay
Investment Writer & Blogger


Everything in One Place

Helios is everything a cross-platform experience should be. It not only works on all devices and channels, but it also contains financial management and transactional functionality by leveraging our digital banking partnerships. It's the seamless experience end users crave.


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