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Accelerate open finance and improve the customer data sharing experience

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Today's customers expect to be able to connect their financial data to all of their favorite financial apps. On average, customers are sharing financial data with 6 to 8 financial service providers, yet financial institutions and fintechs have limited visibility into who is connecting to their systems and for what purposes.

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MX product solution

MXaccess improves the customer data sharing experience by enabling tokenized access from data providers such as banks, credit unions, digital banks, and banking providers to like apps and other financial services.

Increased visibility and control

Protect consumers by better monitoring and controlling who accesses their information. With a consolidated view into connection stability, requests, and health, you can monitor active and pending connections to identify trusted vendors with whitelisted IPs. You can also manage request volume and revoke access if security risks are identified.

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Gain trust and improve loyalty

Improve security and trust with tokenized, credential-free API connections. The MXaccess Consent Dashboard gives customers control over where they share their data.

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Open Finance for Everyone

Built on the latest FDX specifications, MXaccess can be deployed as a self-hosted platform for data providers and as a multi-tenant solution for digital banking providers to offer their network of financial institutions.


Greater transparency for your users

When customers engage with their finances on multiple platforms, they don't have a consolidated view of who is accessing their data. This creates risk of malicious attacks or sharing access to systems that aren't mean to be shared.

MXaccess gives your customers visibility and control over which apps and institutions access their data — enabling them to grant, manage, and revoke access via their existing online and mobile banking experience. Using a credential-free, tokenized approach built on the latest FDX specifications, credentials never leave the institutions.

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Build with MX

MX allows you to embrace open finance and innovate faster with the vendors and technology providers that serve you best. With permission-based data sharing, customers gain visibility and control over which apps and institutions access their data — enabling them to grant, manage, and revoke access at any time.

At MX, our mission is to empower the world to be financially strong. For customers to truly understand and improve their financial health, they need to have a complete, accurate, and secure connection to their data. MXaccess gives them that.

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