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Most financial data is shared through legacy connections via screen scraping. These slow, unreliable legacy connections result in dropoff during account opening and attrition from existing customers. They're also a security risk for making payments, applying for a loan, and managing money.

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MX product solution

MX’s modern connections give you a fast, secure, and reliable way to help customers connect to their financial accounts. Our modern approach to data aggregation via open finance APIs eliminates reliance on slower data sharing methods that are less secure and reliable.

MX Aggregation Solutions


Power your apps with intelligent, aggregated data

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Verify bank accounts for money movement

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Balance Check

Check balances instantly

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Bank Statements

Streamline bank statement sharing

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Reduce connection errors with modern connections

Eliminate the need for MFA, significantly reduce credential errors, and increase connection success by 23% with MX’s open banking connections. These tokenized, direct, API-based connections give customers the ability to track and revoke connections, putting more control in their hands and better connectivity in yours.

Simplify data connections for customers

Keep customers connected with embedded tools that improve your digital experience. Connect your customers to over 14,000 institutions and fintechs, providing access to account information, transactions, PDF statements, and more. MX’s patented technology offers built-in redundancy, routing to backup connections in the event of an outage.

Make transaction data accessible and actionable

Simplifying aggregated transactional data to make it actionable for both you and your customers can be time consuming and expensive. But it’s difficult to make decisions and drive engaging experiences when data is unclear. MX’s machine learning cleanses and categorizes transaction data making it easy to understand and analyze, so you can make better decisions and power more engaging experiences.

Seamlessly set up ACH payments and fund new accounts

Implement a simple and quick account connection experience that increases onboarding completion. Rather than asking customers to manually enter account and routing numbers, risking dropoff and user error, our MX API will route them to log in with their institution, creating a tokenized connection with MX and delivering their data to you in seconds via our API.

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Create holistic financial wellness

When your customers aggregate their accounts, each transaction is passed through the MX data engine’s layers to determine the appropriate cleansed description and category. Once we make the data actionable, we feed it into our automated financial wellness solutions that give your customers personalized assistance for protecting, guiding, and informing them about their finances without requiring them to do the heavy lifting.

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