Power your apps with intelligent data

Deliver better experiences by surfacing insights with enhanced transaction data.

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Understand more with historical data

With up to two years of transaction history, received on-demand or with scheduled refreshes, you’ll have enough data to identify behavioral trends, automate tasks like budgeting, offer behavior-based recommendations and much more.

Get 360-degree financial visibility

With connections to more than 14,000 institutions and fintechs, MX offers access to a wide range of data from institutions of all sizes. Consumer-permissioned visibility gives you access to data you and customers need, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, HSAs, and more.

Make transaction data actionable

Get a full understanding of your customers’ financial behavior, helping you create offers and products that fit their needs. Our industry-leading cleansing and categorization standardizes transaction data and collects additional insights like calculated APR/APY, classifiers, merchant data, location data, and more so you can get the competitive intel you need to better engage customers.

Give customers a secure way to connect

Access transaction data through tokenized, credential-free open banking API connections built with the highest security and technology standards, so you can decrease errors in onboarding, with connections that last years, not months, helping build trust at every touchpoint. Learn more about Bank-level Security


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