Cleansed and Categorized Financial Data

MXdata makes financial data actionable with a comprehensive suite of data enhancement APIs for cleansing, classification, categorization, and additional metadata.

Businesses need actionable data to drive better experiences and new innovations. Consumers need clear insights to make better financial decisions.

But, unrefined transactional data is confusing and doesnt give the context businesses and consumers need.

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With MXdata, organizations can deliver enhanced, verified financial data to enhance consumer experiences, drive new growth opportunities, improve decision making, and make better use of time and resources.


Cleansed data enables unique and personalized experiences based on consumer spending, saving, and borrowing with cleansed and categorized transaction data.


Categorized data enables organizations to uncover new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and gain insight into potential partnership opportunities.


With enhanced data that goes beyond traditional credit scores, organizations can better understand a consumer’s complete financial picture, which reduces lending risks.


With automated cleansing and categorization, businesses can reduce the time and resources needed to organize, review, and standardize financial data.

The top financial institutions and fintechs use MX to reliably connect to financial accounts and act on financial data.

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