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Consumers want personalized experiences that guide them to create and maintain healthy financial habits. Unfortunately, due to limited financial data cleansing, the financial tools offered today only give general and reactive financial notifications that don’t help consumers proactively manage their finances or take action on recommended steps.

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MX product solution

MX uses AI and machine learning to help you take cleansed financial data and create insights that protect, guide, and inform your customers of potential anomalies and opportunities.

Increase digital engagement with personalized insights

Gain and retain customers by offering a personalized digital experience that provides predictive insights and recommendations such as duplicate payment tracking, spend comparisons, and savings opportunities — helping customers stay one step ahead. Personalized insights are received as a constant stream of guidance that flows as often as customers spend rather than historical information that’s pulled monthly or weekly.

Trigger the right behavior with insight cards

Give your customers an easier, yet more comprehensive way to manage their finances with AI-driven technology and machine learning insights, helping them take the right steps in their financial journey.

  • Cloud Integration
  • Available via API
  • Widget Availability

Integrate Instantly Via API

Enable data-driven insights within your current solution without needing to overhaul your current frontend experience


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